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Watch ITV2 live ITV2
Coronation Street 09:20 TV Show Coronation Street
Catchphrase 12:20 TV Show Catchphrase
Take Me Out 13:20 TV Show Take Me Out
Watch CBBC live CBBC
11:05 TV Show Strange Hill High
11:40 TV Show Diddy TV
12:25 TV Show So Awkward
12:55 TV Show Mustangs FC
13:30 TV Show All at Sea
13:55 TV Show Holly Hobbie
Watch Cbeebies live Cbeebies
10:30 TV Show Justin's House
11:10 TV Show Maddie's Do You Know?
11:35 TV Show Molly and Mack
11:50 TV Show Little Roy
12:05 TV Show My World Kitchen
12:40 TV Show Down on the Farm
13:00 TV Show Where in the World?
13:15 TV Show My Story
13:30 TV Show My Pet and Me
13:45 TV Show Tinga Tinga Tales
14:00 TV Show Something Special
Watch BBC News live BBC News
10:30 TV Show The Travel Show
11:00 TV news BBC News
11:30 TV Show Dateline London
12:00 TV news BBC News
12:30 TV Show Click
BBC News 13:00 TV news BBC News
14:00 TV news BBC News