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Watch BBC One live BBC One
19:30 TV Show EastEnders
DIY SOS S25E06 20:00 Lifestyle DIY SOS S25E06
22:00 TV news BBC News at Ten
22:35 TV Show Question Time
Watch BBC Two live BBC Two
Pose (1/8) 21:00 TV Show Pose (1/8)
22:15 TV Show Pose
22:30 TV Show Newsnight
Watch ITV live ITV
19:30 TV Show Tonight
20:00 TV Show Emmerdale
22:00 TV news ITV News at Ten
22:30 TV news ITV News London
22:45 TV Show The Late Debate
Watch ITV2 live ITV2
19:30 Entertainment Show You've Been Framed! S22E11
You've Been Framed! 20:00 TV Show You've Been Framed!
21:00 Comedy Family Guy S04E07
21:30 Comedy Family Guy S04E08
22:00 TV Show Celebrity Juice
22:50 Comedy Family Guy S03E20
Watch BBC Four live BBC Four
19:30 TV Show Top of the Pops: 1987
The Crusades (2/3) 20:00 TV Show The Crusades (2/3)
A Timewatch Guide S01E03 21:00 Education A Timewatch Guide S01E03
22:00 TV Show Blackadder (4/6)
22:30 TV Show Blackadder (5/6)
23:00 TV Show Blackadder (6/6)
Watch Film4 live Film4
Volcano 18:55 Movie Volcano
Shooter 21:00 Movie Shooter
Watch BBC News live BBC News
19:00 TV Show Beyond 100 Days
BBC News 20:00 TV news BBC News
Outside Source 21:00 TV Show Outside Source
22:00 TV news BBC News at Ten
22:30 TV Show Sportsday
22:45 TV Show The Papers
23:00 TV news BBC News